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Question:  When do I need a jewelry appraisal?

     Usually jewelry appraisals are performed for insurance purposes.  If you are looking to put a jewelry piece on your homeowner’s or renter’s policy call your insurance provider and ask about your personal property coverage.  Usually an individual item needs to be valued above $3,000 before it warrants separate coverage. Some policies set very low limits on personal jewelry “totals”, often not enough when adding up many small items in the event of a loss. It is always worth the time to ask after additional coverage or a “policy rider” for upper end items.

Our Standard Appraisal costs $85 (up to 9 stones) and includes a detailed map of your center stone, pictures of the item, stone grading information, information about the setting, and retail replacement values for stones and setting. Complex or unusual items will incur additional charges based on examination time, and require a visual inspection before quoting for appraisal.

     If you have inherited jewelry pieces and are not sure of the value, we offer professional identification.  We will determine which of your items are constructed of gemstones and noble metals, and which are costume.  If it is determined that an item has substantial value we will offer advice as to whether a full appraisal should be performed. A cost rate of $25/per hour applies for this service.

We do NOT offer to purchase estate jewelry pieces which we have appraised. It is unethical.

Question:  Can I buy a diamond that is not a “Blood” diamond?

     Most people are unaware that “Blood” diamonds or “Conflict” diamonds have been virtually eliminated from the world market. In 2000, a coalition of governments, non-governmental organizations, and the diamond industry worked together to address the issue of diamonds being used to fund civil war and horrific crimes in Africa.  In 2002, they established the Kimberley Process Certification System, a UN-backed process that has virtually eliminated the trade in conflict diamonds. Today, over 99% of the world’s supply of diamonds is from sources free of conflict. Diamonds play a substantial role in bringing real benefits to people in the countries around the world where diamonds are sourced. Nowhere is this more evident than in Africa, where partial proceeds from diamond revenues are mandated to be used for hospitals, schools, roads, and clean water projects, as well as the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. For more information you can visit, an excellent source for current diamond industry facts.

Question:  Can you design a piece of jewelry for me long distance?

     Yes! We have designed jewelry for people all over the country, including Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, California, New York, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, even England.  We can scan designs and email detailed pictures of waxes and finished pieces, so even if you live far away you can still have Kelly make you a beautiful piece of jewelry!

Renderings Sent Via Email Finished black Jade and Diamond ring for out of state client

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